General Pest Control

Most of our home pest services carry a 12 month Warranty.

This is the basis of our Gone! Guaranteed! promise.

Due to the nature of pests such as ants, spiders and even cockroaches, one treatment may not be enough. We like our clients to be satisfied, and we will continue to return to your home for the life of the Warranty free-of-charge to retreat the entire home if necessary. We don’t want 80%,90, or even 95% of our clients happy, we aim for 100% satisfaction – everytime.

If you have not had a pest service before, or haven’t maintained your services, it usually takes about 12 months to get every creepy crawly under control, after that maintenance is required and you can have peace of mind that if any treated pest makes its way into your home, it will come in contact with the control systems in place and die.

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